Sunday, 10 July 2011

current status : dependent

The former working girl in me, would balk at the above status. Excuse me, I can make my own money!

But right now, by Singapore's standard, I'm just an extension of my husband. My and my children's stay here is largely due to hub's employment. Should the company decide to terminate his services, we're outta here.

Now, while I'm still here. Would you like to come over and visit? Singapore, like any other ASEAN nations (thailand, indonesia, vietnam, brunei, malaysia, hongkong) do not require tourist visas for fellow Aseans. They automatically stamp your passport with 30days stay. No Questions Asked.

Some enterprising folks come over here, look for job within the 30days, extend for another 30. But after that, they need to exit. The nearest and cheapest foreign country exit is Johor Bahru, (Malaysia) or Bintan or Batam (Indonesia). Spend overnight there and come back the next day, for another 30day stamp. But i heard the authorities have been quite strict about that lately, since it's being abused, and some have been refused entry. :(

But for those who have legit job offers. The employer process a work pass. Quite Funny, because the kind of work pass will depend on your Salary. So, every time you are asked about your status. They would sort of have an idea how much your salary range is. :)

1 SGD = 35 Php

E Pass (Employment Pass) (mostly professionals/ executives)
P1 - 8,000 SGD and above
P2 - 4,200 SGD to 8,000
P3 - 2,800 to 4,200 SGD

S Pass - 2,000 SGD to 2,800 (mid-level / skilled)

Work Permit
- below 2,000 SGD (manual labor to semi-skilled)
Dependent's Pass - no income but spouse salary is enough to maintain lifestyle here.

Epass holders can apply to bring their wife & kids as dependents; and/or their mothers/in-laws for long-term visitors pass. They can also apply to have a FDW (Foreign Domestic Worker) or helper.

One of my friends here, when he's asked. "What's your status here?" He says, "Oh, I'm an S Pass holder. I'm a SLAVE here."
And lately, he's into a relationship with a local, I think, he claim S Pass for "Syota ay Singaporean. :)

Remember that hot issue in the Philippines about having a National ID System? That project didn't take-off. The leftist were warning about invasion of privacy blah.blah.blah. As a result, we have tons of acceptable IDs in our wallet.. SSS, PRC, Voter's, TIN ID, Postal ID, and Drivers' License. Kulit ano.

Here's in Singapore. They only have one ID. It's the National Registration Identification Card (NRIC) for locals or Foreign Identification Number (FIN) for permanent residents & work pass holders.

You present the IC (identification card) all the time.. and I mean, all the time.

Want to buy a new SIM at 7-eleven ? present your IC or passport (if you're tourist)
Want to enroll your child? present IC.
Want to enter the school to enroll you child? present IC.

I'm a bit paranoid. I think, it's their way of keeping track of everyone. If I do nasty things with the SIM card, naturally, they can track the SIM number, and it was sold to me! :)

Applied for IKEA friends card -- present IC.
Leave your kids at Smaland to play while you spend hub's money --- present IC.

Stores here love issuing membership / rewards card. You need to present your IC each time. They can probably even track how many thongs and boylegs at i bought at La Senza, from the time, since I was issued this thing.

But it's ok. The Singaporean government is quite credible. I know all the infos they will get from all the transactions recorded in my IC will be in strict confidentiality.

I just wondered, how come I got Automatic SMS Messages, as soon as I activated my local SIM?
"Join Meet and Greet Piolo Pascual, Pokwang and Pooh, at Lucky Plaza on August..."

How did the telco knew I'm Pinay who knew these celebrities?

Grrrr... It's probably those folks at 7-Eleven!!



  1. So, you're now adjusting to the international ID card system. i believe it's cool. it's just like every European countries having their identification cards.
    when i still don't have my residence here it's not so easy.

    want to buy sim card? No Carta d'Identita (C.I.)or Identification Card, not allowed
    want to go to United European countries? NO CI, no entry
    want to have an italian bank account? No CI, no account

    yes it's true, every little transaction here requires CI too.
    you can stay away, but you can't escape. every house you transfered to, they can track you. but, that's ok. at least yung me mga utang sa'yo madaling hanapin =) hehehe

    i hope in the future, the Philippine government will allow and ONLY id card. but for the fear of invasion of privacy and (expected abuse), parang 'wag na lang kaya...dadami ang crimes lalo. unlike industrialized/rich countries, like what you said, "CREDIBLE".

  2. we have also categories here of the residence card (it's different from the italian carta d'identita (i.d.). Residence cards are for foreigners only. While Carta D'identita are for all! Be a stranger or an italian. It's more important here than a passport.

    Residence cards: (Carta di Soggiorno)
    *Illimitata - Unlimited (NO expiration date) for the workers (regardless of what kind of work), as long as they have the annual income of more than 7,000 euro

    *5 Anni Periodo - 5 years validity (can be renewed). those who have at least 7,000 euro annual income

    *2 Anni Periodo - 2 years validity (can be renewed), those below 7,000 euro annual income.
    ----> this is where i belong, for i have 4,200eu annual income for now as part timer. (3.5 hrs a day)

    * 6 mesi Periodo - 6 month validity only for unemployed or seasonal jobs

  3. oooès...the 6 month validity cannot be renewed for the unemployed. if you got a job already, they'll give you 2 yrs validity. seasonal jobs are allowed for another 6 month renewal. after that, you have to get a non-seasonal job.

    change topic.
    So, you're Christine!!!! i didn't know that =)
    If you're in Italy, they will call you KRI, KRIS or CRI, just like me. First names are legal here. The second name doesn't always count. they will say, "who cares?£ =)
    ay ang haba ng comment ko...dapat i blog ko pala ito hahaha...copy ko na lang one day from here...
    enjoy Power Mom!

  4. --and again--never mind the's 12:40am here, hahaha, laging pag madaling araw ako sa blogger mo yata, hahaha.

  5. hi teena,

    true. hindi ako sanay sa iisang ID card. feeling ko buong talambuhay ko alam na ng gobierno. tamang praning. but yes, its a good thing, since kung me isusuplong ka sa pulis or mga pautang mo, hindi ka matataguan. ma tr track agad.
    funny lang, one-time yung friend ko, nawala yung ID nya. he forgot the number etc. etc. He only need to go to his favorite shop, in his case, it's Pedro (shoe store) and he asked for his IC number. kasi member sya dun. :))
    btw, hindi k ba permanent resident dyan or citizen?

    yes, i'm Christine. I rarely use it, coz it's dime a dozen. Dewie is quite rare. Except when I'm in Indonesia. Everyone girl is named Dewie from the Durian Ice cream vendor to the staff. :))


  6. i can't have a long period or unlimited residence card kasi i have low annual income. so, tyaga ako every 2 years ang renew ng card. oks lang. advantage is: i have no tax deduction.
    and my kids have higher money assistance from the government. dito kasi me sweldo ang kids, kasama sa pay slip. the higher the salary, the lower the sweldo. dami kasing tax deduction. i need to have at least 5-6 hours a day-work to apply for citizenship. 10 years residency is required for citizenship, pasado ako dun. problem is, my income, since i can't work full time pa because of my kids. the only big difference if you're an italian citizen, bihirang kumuha ng visa if you travel in other countries =)

  7. Don't know how I end up here, but you are such a good writer, and I like your sense of humor. Keep are the good work.