Monday, 22 August 2011

a hairy tale

This entry is trivial. It's all about my hair....locks... mane...crowning glory. If you're looking for intelligent and earth-shattering discussions. Go to
Oh, you're still here? Good. Great minds think alike. :) Read on...
Once upon a time, you caught yourself constantly wearing pig tails, pony tails. It's a sign. No. The weather's not too hot. Outside of work-requirements to tie your hair (nurses, foods techs, stewardesses) We are actually in a hair-dilemma. The easiest way to resolve is, to bunch them up in scoongie. (But it makes our double chin stand-out.) Yep. We are hiding something.

Pic #1 Looking so classic, serene in my pearl earrings and pony.... elegant? Might fool you, Underneath... Pic#2 It's a classic mess. Bangs growing too long, hurting my eyes. Colors fading, my greys showing. What styles? what layers? duh..

I've been putting-off going to the salon here in Singapore. It's so darn expensive. I still have this issue on converting everything to peso. And then, holding back, Oh, I can get those cheaper in the Philippines!

To those residing abroad.... Don't you sometimes miss your stylist.. more than you miss your distant relatives? :)

My friend & favorite Stylist is Leo Magallanes. He cuts and colors my hair for several years now. Even if I live in Pasig, an hour away, I still troop to his parlor in Mendiola. I didn't care even if he can only squeezed me in on a 7am schedule. :) He was the last person I visited, before I left for Singapore. You want proof how good he is, just browse through my old pictures in FB :)
Calling Leo.... punta ka dito.. mag parlor parlor tayo!

Two weeks ago, I tried to DIY color my hair...well, more like, forced my helper to do it. I bought Revlon Light Brown (15 SGD / 525 pesos) and with the results, I swear, I'll never do it again. My grey hair were not completely covered, and there were plotches of the old & new colors. Thus, the pony tail.

I don't blame her. Hair coloring is not her competency. In between cleaning house, and feeding my kids, my hair is the least of her concerns.

So there I was. Lost in Style. My friend Odick, the embodiment of Metrosexual in whatever race he is mistaken to be. (sometimes Korean, Singaporean) suggested I go to Jean Yip. She's like the Ricky Reyes here in SG, in terms of the predominance of her salons in the malls.

I guess, I came in too early, I was the only client at 11am. Nice!
So, here are my impressions!

The wash area, looking like Boudoir.
Clean & Stylish interiors.
Loving the chandeliers here at the styling area.

The stylist assigned to me was Reese Wong. She was clearly taken aback to have a client that early, as she comes from washing her own hair. She look like she would be more at home in an MBA class than a parlor. She studied my hair diligently and made her recommendations, which will of course, will cost my husband's whole month salary. :)

Yep, my scalp is too oily, but the roots are too dry. I need a base color, highlights, deep treatment, and trim. My top priorities are highlights and trim, and the only costs, my budget-conscious conscience can approve. I like Reese, she understands and didn't push.

When Reese, saw me snapping my camera, she took off the towel on her hair, and voila! She looks, fabulous as any self-respecting Stylist should be! While she washed my hair, she whispered. It's Ok lah. I'll give you scalp treatment. Shhh...

When she started snipping my hair. I was apprehensive. Oh, Lord. My first Singaporean cut. Will I look like Chinese? But I'm not one to dwell on negativity. Whatever the results... they will all grow back. They're just hair. Play with it!
So, What do you think? Collateral Damage was 118 SGD or 4,130 Pesos.

My husband's verdict? Next time, we let's cross-country to JB Malaysia, to get your hair fixes, ok? I heard they're cheaper.


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

a cheesy national day

Yesterday, August 9 was Singapore's 46th National Day. Being in this country, for just a little over a month, don't expect any pronouncements of patriotism, allegiance or any flag-waving, flag-tattooing-in-the-face from me.

I admire Singapore, in every academic sense of the word. It's efficient, organized, advanced, progressive, provides our livelihood. But Philippines, grips my emotions. Lee Kwan Yew might be the best ruler, but Jose Rizal rules my heart.

Ted and I dropped by Marine Bay, just to see what the fuss is all about. We didn't bring the kids because we never knew what to expect, except there will be kilometer-long walks. Maybe next year na lang, when we have scouted this event. Good thing because the crowd was huge, we barely caught glimpse of what's happening.

Imagine, 4M population, and their stadium only seats only 27,000 people. It's a nightmare how to allocate seats, right?! And the problem of overcrowding. Logistical Nightmare. Well, Singapore government with all their organization prowess, thought of the best solution. E-Balloting the tickets! All citizens, stand a chance at getting a seat by registering their mobiles & emails. Good Luck, if you can seat once, in your lifetime!

It's a beautiful stadium, and it is floating on water!
The world's largest floating stage.

For those Hoi Polloi, like us, we contend to sit around the view decks that surround the whole marina bay, waiting for the fireworks display.

There was a parade, and we caught some lovely floats, passing thru our chosen location.

I honestly can't grip their concepts. Theme was Majulah.. Singapura. Meaning.. Onward Singapore. I see a huge Rafflesia (world's giant flower found in Indonesia named after Stamford Raffles Singapore's founder). I see bees (probably depicting hardwork and socialism). I see huge Gears, probably about continual progress. Ignore my musings. I tend to intellectualize everything. :)

A little past 6pm, some military aircraft flew past.

But the piece the resistance was the Fireworks display...
(my thanks to the owner of the video, Song84)

We didn't stay long. We were too scared of the commute with all these people going home at the same time. Plus, we scheduled a couples' night, with our BFF couple in Singapore, Mitch and Tyrel, They prepared a Raclette tete-a-tete for us in their lovely condo.

For those uninitiated like myself....

Raclette refers to a type of meal whose main food is Raclette Cheese from Switzerland. More than a meal, it's actually a ceremony in itself.

The Cheese is melted, right on the table with a special grill. As soon as it's gooey, it's poured over slices of baked potatoes; and you eat it, while hot, with pickled gerkins, tiny onions, grapes, and/ or salami.

Everything is washed down with your choice of Red or White Wine.

Each serving look tiny (two bites) but the cheese and meat is flavorful. After about 7 servings, we were too full and tipsy to move. For desserts, we brought Ferrero chocolates in 3flavors (dark, milk and white coconut chocolates).

Best experienced with great music, good friends who have lots of interesting conversations.

Till next time !!!

Still a tourist, not yet a National.

This was taken outside the City Gallery along Marina Bay Sands.