Saturday, 28 January 2012

elephants on parade

Elephants invaded the island-city of Singapore for two months last 11 November to 11 January, 2011.  Colorful statues of elephants painted by local and international artists and sponsored by companies were exhibited in many parts of the city.  We chance a few of them in our visits to The Merlion Park, Singapore Zoo and Esplanade.

The Elephants on Parade,  according to the organizers is the largest open air art exhibition in the preservation of the Asian Elephants worldwide.  Each elephant is unique and they were auctioned-off by Sotheby's. Small replicas were also sold in the Malls.  There were a total of 160 elephants.  Too bad, we missed the others.

Share to you some of these fancy pop arts ~

Long Life and Delightful Durian

Elephant in Black and Gray

Flower of Love


Long Life

Delightful Durian

Free Spirit and Truth

Swampy Jane

The Calligraphic Elephant

Temasek (means sea town, the old singapore)

Nature Sound

Saving Richard III

'till next adventure!



  1. wow, so nice. wala akong nakitang katulad na elephants from what i saw here. sabagay 150 elephants yung exhibit dito. Milan is too big to hunt around. so cute nila di ba? sana next time butterfly parade naman, for sure kakaririn ko talagang mag hunt. i love that nature durian elephant. =)

  2. hi, actually i regretted not hunting for all the elephants. apparently, there are much more nicer ones. :( sana maulit uli. yeah, butterflies would be nice, kaso, di naman ata endangered ang butterflies for a fund raising hahahha. Baka Rhinoceros... ang next :)))) thanks for dropping by!