Wednesday, 11 January 2012

One afternoon at One Degrees 15.

Just when I thought I have seen all the nooks and crannies of Sentosa Island... surprise! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of getting access to,  One Degrees 15 Marina Club,  the playground of the mega-rich Singaporeans and well-heeled expats.

Had it not been for the dinner tendered by the CEO of Coca-Cola Singapore,  I doubt if I can even get pass the guards.


The club is nestled within the ultra-exclusive Sentosa Cove, the heart of Sentosa Island's billion-dollar master plan which boasts of creating integrated lifestyle communities and Asia's best oceanfront residences.  Lest I sound like brochure, let the pics to the talking.

I can't get over ogling at the beautiful yachts, sailboats and high-tech fishing boats, looking like Porches, Rolls Royces and Ferraris of the waters.

Oh, there's one for sale!  No thank You.  Not today, I'm seasick.

This is how one should organize their Jet Skis.  A rack.   It's like a huge shoe store!

Ok, honey, Dream On!

I didn't take the pic below.  It's owned by Sentosa Cove.  I just wanna show you, the Private Villas, which has individual berths for the owner's yacht and boats.  Sentosa is largely a Reclaimed Area.
One of the small talks at the party was, Foreigners can't own landed properties in Singapore, except Sentosa Island... because they're not real lands :))

Casual dinner was at a bar, near the floating berths. Sipping cocktails, Cokes (needless to say!)  and everyone's new favorite, Dragon Fruit  Vit Water  (Have you tried it?)  Coke product, of course.

Honestly, I was too shy to take pictures of the people /happenings at the party.  I was so scared to look like juvenile, "facebooking" and we were one of the youngest couples there.

There were the Indian CEO and his model-looking wife, who tells the funniest story about New Delhi and food trips in Singapore.  The CFOs, COOs, Directors, Managers.... all came with their spouses.   Times like these.....always..always... bring your High Heels and your Brains!  

There were only three Pinoys (Ted, myself and his Production Manager Ramil).  All the rest are Singaporeans, Malaysians, Chinese, Indians, Americans.   But waiting for Announcements (may bonus ba?) is Universal.  Hahaha.  Sadly, masarap yung food, pero walang announcements. Hahahaha

Well, nice experience... and now back to my laundry...



  1. wowowowwwwwwwwww...that's a chance we can't resist! ka envy naman hahaha. anyway, i feel like i'm in Monaco too, parang ganyan ang atmosphere. So neat, so rich, so fabulous! your wardrobe went with the ambiance sis. Classic and elegant! :D

  2. thank you butterfly... pag hindi natin kayang makipagsabayan, pretend n lang, basta naka high-heels.. carry na ! :))