Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Day with Feathered Friends

My mother was in-town for a visit and we took her to Jurong Bird Park.   Our place in Singapore is a bit far from the city center.  We are nearer to JB, Malaysia and consequently near the forested areas like the zoo, bird park and nature reserves.  It's only around 30mins from the house to the bird park.

Entrance to the park is 18 SGD for adults and 12 SGD for kids.  Open 830am-630pm daily.

Jurong Bird Park, is currently the World's Largest Bird Park, in terms of number of birds and second, in terms of land area (next only to Germany's Vogelpark Walsrode).   There are 4,600 birds of 380 species, and 29 of which are endangered species.

I wish I have bigger camera lenses :(  These regular ones just couldn't do justice to the wonderful of plumage of our feathered friends.

There are 17 attractions inside the Bird Park (African Aviary, Pelican Cove, Swan Lake, World of Darkness, Dinosaur Descendants....among others)  But we took our time.  I learned my lesson.  Rush your kids and you'll end up with sweaty, miserable, hungry and on-the-verge of meltdown kids & hubby.  So, just enjoy the scenery.  No need to take in everything in one go.

I think I was male bird in my former life. :)) Contrary to popular knowledge, the male birds are the colorful ones, who love to strut their plumage to attract the female species.  Female birds have drab or mono-colors in their feathers. :)

The Bird Discovery Center is an exhibit of the many kinds of eggs, feathers, tails, beaks from different birds all over the world.  My son Ivan, even made me scratch my head when he asked, "How did the egg get inside the mother bird's tummy, Mommy?  and how did it get out?"  :))  Go, Ask you Daddy, Anak.."

There are 3 show you can catch at the bird park.  The Kings of the Skies, all about Eagles, Falcons and Vultures.  Birds and Buddies Show is all about friendly-birds like Hornbills, Toucan, Macaws, Pelicans, Flamingoes) along with their mascot counterparts.  Lunch with the Parrots, showcases the antics of parrots, macaws and cockatoos.

We enjoyed bird feeding at the Lorry Loft.  The little birdies are literally eating out of our hands!  So cute and colorful, wish we can take them home.

The Pelican Cove is lovely and peaceful, even with the noisy fluttering of the huge wings of the birds, There are nice areas to sit, rest and view the huge birds flapping about.

Fun, educational information for the little ones about the birds ~

If you have extra-time, sit back and listen as the trainers chitchat all about Pelicans. But we got bored, since it's all delivered matter-of-factly; not so entertaining.  Maybe because the Pelicans are kinda dumb, I mean, compared with, the smart *ss cockatoos, macaws, and lorries.  :) The Pelicans just stand there, gawking at each other, fluttering their huge wings, waiting for the reward free fishes. :)

At the African aviary, we only took a few pictures, we had to leave right away, since the kids were hungry.  There's a small food kiosk, but serves mostly breads and pastries. The kids wanted more substantial.  We had to go back to the main entrance at the Hawk Cafe where they serve rice and all.

Lunch over, we got underway.  Our next stop was the Penguin Coast, which was  near the entrance. The frozen section, as i call it, is shaped like a pirate ship.   They have 6 species of Penguins.  The kids has fun identifying those species from the movie, Happy Feet.

My little boys played archeologists in the Dino Descendants section.

Rania, my daughter love the fierce eagles, falcons and vultures.  There are so many of them in huge aviaries.  Unfortunately, the cages doesn't allow better view in terms of pictures.

We really haven't scoured the whole bird park.  There's still so much more to discover!  Definitely, we will go back.  We ended the day, as usual, with the favorite past time of most kids here in Singapore ~ Waterplay!!  Never ever forget to pack swimsuits every time you take the kids out!  Otherwise, you are in for expensive, last-minute  swimwear purchase at the gift shops. :)

'till next adventure!


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  1. wow. lovely bird park. i believe it will be more informative and fun if all the animal kingdoms got their own parks. most of the time, acquarium and bird parks lang ang separated. all the others were talagang zoo na. anyway, thanks for sharing it with us. i didn't know male birds are more colorful. absent yata ako sa biology that day, hahaha. i'm sure kids enjoyed so much as well as your mom. the Dino descendants looks cute and fun.