Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Food Panda ~ your Favorite food, at your doorstep!

Ever had one of those days when you are suddenly expecting visitors and there's nothing edible in the house?   There's frozen meat in the fridge, which will take 5hours to thaw and you have no idea what to make of it, since the only vegetable left in the crisper, is limp parsley.

What to do? Do you run to the nearest Hawker's stalls and Tapaw (favorite local word 'take-away!') and risk serving your guests the same food they have everyday of their lives? Let's face it, If you've been to one hawker center, and you've been to all.  Mee Goreng, Chicken Rice, Pig's Organs, Carrot Cake, Laksa.... same old, same old.

Food Delivery is the best answer!  But then again, food delivery is not a common thing here in Singapore.  Very few restaurants actually deliver.  I don't know.  Maybe because the market is very limited for the service?  Most locals just make a quick trip below their condos or offices, for breakfast, lunch or dinner,  where food halls are conveniently located.  Or maybe because labor is expensive? Since very few actually request for deliveries, it doesn't make sense for a restaurant to maintain a fleet of delivery motorbikes & riders.

Enter Food Panda ~  the newest online food delivery service of the nice, "sit-down" restaurants in the city!  It is not owned by the restaurants, but rather, they deliver for your favorite restaurants, when erstwhile, these shops won't have this service on their own.

Some of the restaurants on their roster includes Sarpino's Pizzeria, Kraze Burgers, Yum Cha Express, Cafe Mexicana, Baja Fresh, Khansama, Kampng 18 Express Salt Baked Chicken.  Even dessert and cake shops like Ritz Apple Strudel and 7th Manna Cake Botique.

You can even impress with guests with Indian cuisine like vegetarian-indian Ananda Bhavan and Maharajah from high-end Boat Quay area.

Food Panda carries the restaurants menu with detailed prices, it includes the delivery time, so you can plan your schedule and have the food arrive, fresh and hot for your guests!

 Food Panda can be found @ www.foodpanda.sg

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