Friday, 11 May 2012

Ricciotti ~ irresistibly Italian

My brood had a quick appointment at the Ministry of Manpower one fine weekday morning.  After our quick show face with the Singapore government, we had a nice merienda cena at Ricciotti, an Italian restaurant along Clarke Quay.

It's a nice pizza /pasta / deli restaurant, simple and unpretentious.  It was mid-afternoon. There was no lunch crowd.  Quite hot here in Singapore these days, so we opt for indoor dining.  Had the temperature been cooler,  al fresco would be nice, as well.  The view is the flowing river along Clarke Quay.

photo by alexis cheong

We had the Pizzoto,  a basic thin-crust pizza, with bacon, mushrooms, pomodoro, mozarella cheese and topped with a raw egg, that you have to spread  to cook while the pizza is hot. Very simple. No nonsense, perfect for the kids.

I don't know about yours, but my kids discard all the yummy toppings on complicated pizzas.  Order a super supreme  but with all the pickings going-on, "i don't want pepper, i don't want pineapples..." we end up with a bare tomato-cheese pizza.  So, to keep the peace, we usually order Margerita or 4 Cheese pizza.  Happy kids. Happy Mommy. =)

Mom! Stop being a Paparazzi !

My hub had the Linguine Al Granchio, which is basically linguine pasta with crab meat in creamy tomato sauce.

I had my usual aglio olio with shrimps.  I love the mixture with chili.  When I cook aglio olio at home,  I usually do away with Chili, in deference to the kids.

The kiddie meal is not bad.  Spaghetti Bolognese with huge Chicken fingers.  The set also comes with orange juice / milk  and chocolate gelato.  The kids had one set each.

 Wash it all down with sparkling San Pellegrino.

'til next adventure..


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  1. one thing about italian pizza, you have no options of "thin" or "thick" crust. it's always in thin crust. although some restaurants offered a thicker one. it's always the kind of pizza or pizza flavor that matters, not the crust. anyway, uy, san pellegrino! very italian. very mahal yan hehehe.