Friday, 17 August 2012

10-minute Haircut. ...Anyone?

I'm fascinated by this barbershop that my hub and my sons frequent. QBhouse offers 10-minute haircut for 10sgd.  The  rates are the same for both adults and kids. It cost a little more than kiddie rates in the beauty salons (8sgd) but what I'm impressed are its efficiency, cleanliness and no-nonsense service.

The QBHouse originated in Tokyo, Japan.  They are all over Singapore, Hongkong and Taiwan.

The staff don't handle money. You have to slid a 10sgd dollar bill into a vendo machine that pops out a card.  Hand the card over to the barber when it's your turn for a hair cut.

Each booth is a system in itself, especially designed for efficiency.    Clean neck paper, brand new comb for each customer, sterilizer for the razors & scissors, air washer (instead of shampoo), closet for customers' things and underneath, there's even a vacuum, that sucks the cut hair.

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The staff wears sanitary vest and mask, as well.  With the air washer, and blower they leave no scratchy tiny hairs on the neck.  

When I first saw the shop, I raised my eyebrows.  What's the quality of a 10min haircut?!  I'm used to spending hours in the salon and bring the kids with me :)

Then, I brought them to a local barbershop and they had to queue for the Malay barber they prefer.  "Style Pinoy, mommy, please.. "  What the heck.  At the rate the boys grow their hair and frequent the salon,  might as well, settle for a no-nonsense 10min. service.

As I always say,  it's just hair, it will grow back! 

So, what do you think?  I got a free comb!  :) 

'til next adventure!



  1. pogi pa rin. be it a 10minute or 30minute hair cut, boys just look better in a newly-cut hair. sa ating girls ang hindi pwede 'yan hehehe.

    1. i agree. boys always look better, after a newly-cut hair. For us, girls, we need to be pampered and we go to to salons for therapy as well :)