Monday, 10 December 2012

Little Ones in Legoland

The newest attraction in town is Legoland Malaysia.  Although it's technically outside the country,   I still call it  "town" since, we live only about 15minutes from the Singapore-Malaysia border.

Technically, Johor Bahru province is nearer to home than the glamorous Orchard strip, but the absence of MRT and the presence of custom check-points gives it an "out of this country" feel.

Johor is nearer to Singapore than Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  So, if planning to go, the most convenient enter via Singapore!

Legoland Malaysia is located in Nusajaya,  Johor province of Malaysia.   It's about 1-hour bus-ride from the border.  (Take Bus LG1 from JB Central, the Bus Interchange is directly below the Malaysia custom check-point. Bus Fare is 4RM one-way)

(Tip: the bus ride is long and boring. There's nothing interesting to see on the road side.  If you have kids, better prepare food to nibble and keep them busy.  There is one quick stop-over,  at the Larkin Bus Terminal, so make provisions to wiwi).

It's our 1st trip to a Legoland theme park.   We've only seen them from pictures of our relatives and friends in the US.  We're happy that they built one here, so can have a taste of Legoland without the need to go to the US or Europe.  Afterall, like most franchises, whether it's theme parks, restaurants, or stores  (Think Disneyland, Universal Studios, Ikea, Hard Rock, Forever21, H&M) You've seen one, and you've seen them all :))

Legoland is really for children ages 12 and below.   Most of the attractions and the rides are for tiny tots.  It's not like Disneyland, where you can squeeze-in with your kids and feel child-at-heart dancing with the mascots.   Here, everything seems to be child-size.


My sons' favorite is the Build +  Test.  It's an indoor play area  field with  lego blocks and accessories.  They can  create their own toys, and test them afterwards,  with the slides and circuits, playing with the other children's creations, as well.  

It's a good exercise for imagination and creativity,  and good time for the Mommy to rest :)) It's away from the scorching heat outside and is air-conditioned :)

My husband liked the 4D theater.  It was only the 2nd day since the park opened and they had some operational glitches.  They cannot manage the queuing and seat-counting correctly, many tempers flared waiting for their turn.  We found it hilarious that the "mist" effect of the movie came in "drizzles or rain-like' making everyone wet and reaching for their hankies.   

There is small train inside Legoland, which I do not really recommend because the Wait is longer than the train-ride itself!

There are 6 sections in Legoland  i.e. Imagination, Land of Adventure, Miniland, Lego City, Technic and Lego Kingdom.  But the property, land area-wise,  is quite small, and better to navigate on foot.

If you like thrill rides, you will be disappointed.  They have few rides, and only about 1 or 2 of them are suitable for adults.

There are plenty of play area where the little ones can run around, slide and play hide and seek.  But for me, it's nothing monumental.

The cutest part of Legoland and my personal favorite is the Mini-Land, where they reproduced miniatures of known landmarks in Asia, using colorful Lego blocks.

The Taj

a typical Philippine village with a Church and fishing port

Summer Palace


There's just too many, I love them all ~

Forbidden Palace

Singapore's Clarke Quay

the famous, Star Cruises, based in Singapore

Tanah Lot, temple by the sea, Bali

We visited Legoland just two days of soft-opening.  Definitely, there are more improvement now.  I know they are also planning to build a Lego hotel beside the park.   BTW,  entrance to the theme park costs only 140 RM adults and 114 RM children.

We are planning to go back one of these days,  just waiting for relatives or friends whom we can show around.  It's always more fun to visit a place with guests, seeing it for the first time, we love playing tourist guides.

Hope you enjoyed...
'til next adventure!



  1. yes, at least malapit sa Pinas! so amazing yung mga miniatures ha. that's one good thing about having small kids, we can collect adventures from theme parks. kung enjoy sila, we enjoyed as well. nung kids pa tayo, fiesta carnival sa cubao lang, hapiness na talaga. swerte nila now. andaming pwedeng puntahan. here in Europe, me mga Legolands din, so bahala na, if sa'n kami maunang makapunta, if Malaysia or sa Denmark or Germany. hehehe.

  2. P.S. cute ng posing ni Rania. smiling pa. brava !

  3. Thanks butterfly... kids nowadays are so lucky! :) Yung mga pangarap lang natin noon, sa kanila, rewards na agad!
    you will always have a home with us... see you soon...

  4. hi dew sandra and family will go to singapore together with mommy sol and baby taba this april 14-17, 2013 if they will go to legoland do they need to stay overnight? tnx-stella